Social Media Marketing

We are in the middle of a social media explosion. Tsunami, is Noel Kirkaldy’s word (actually applied to something else, take up of mobile data). People spend more of their time on their smartphone viewing Social media than doing anything else.

LinkedIn is social media for Business People and corporate types. In addition, everyone that uses linkedIn is also a consumer, and typically a high-end consumer.


The trouble is that people become swamped by messages. Increasingly, they tend to ignore marketing messages and advertising. Even the price for pay-per-click (#PPC) advertising offered by the platforms themselves, is coming down. Is this an admission that (while this may still be an effective way to get your message out) its effectiveness is decreasing?

The best practice is not to lead with promotional content, but build up credibility first.
To build, engage, educate then promote.
To jab, jab, jab then right hook.
To give your reader something they want, something interesting or something useful….

The trouble with this approach is that it is time-consuming.
This gives several choices;

Just do it manually – suck it up

Get someone else to do it for you
there are companies that specialise in this; obviously they know how to it efficiently, and inexpensively. They may use Low-cost labour, very good processes, and even automation. But one thing is for sure, they’ll charge you for their service.

To Advertise on other media:
There is still a place for print, radio, TV, billboards-

Never mind the niceties, just send hard-hitting sales messages to cold contacts.

Use automation

If you’re interested in finding leads and business on Social media and linkedIn in particular, please drop me a line or schedule a call.