Value proposition worksheet v1

We offer:

  • Value Proposition Design and Review
    • It’s always a good time to look at your Value proposition.
    • Your customer’s drivers for buying your offering may be changing
    • Do you need to look for additional customers?
    • Can you offer something additional to your existing customers with the resources you already have?

Please ask if you would like a Word version.

Use the worksheet with our compliments. If you would like to discuss it, please schedule a free call.

  • Business Plan – planning a new business
    • If company is new or being planned, you’ll need to work out every aspect of how it will be. Investors and lenders will want to see the plan before they offer any funding.
  • Business case – planning a new product
    • How much product will you sell each year?
    • At what price?
    • What are the costs?
    • Will it break-even? When? Make a profit?
    • How much do you need to invest in tooling, development, training and marketing
  • Marketing Plan –
    • Who are the customers?
    • How will they find out about the product?
    • Why will they buy it? Will it solve a problem? Make their life better.
    • Will they buy more if the product is promoted?


  • Automated Networking (working with Pentex)
  • Growth Consultation (working with Pentex)
  • Inexpensive B2B leads (working with B2Bgig)
  • Mobile Applications (working with Weston Workshops)
    • Key part of a digital marketing strategy
    • Advice and Requirements capture
    • Design concept
    • Implementation on IOS and Android platforms
    • Support and maintenance
  • Web Projects (working with Weston Workshops)
    • Key part of a digital marketing strategy
    • Advice and Requirements capture
    • Design concept
    • Implementation
    • Support and maintenance
  • Animated Videos (Working with My Animated Brand) ideal for:
    • LinkedIn Pulse feed
    • LinkedIn Groups
    • LinkedIn company pages
    • Other social media platforms
    • Websites
  • Marketing for Start-ups:
    • Marketing for Entrepreneurs has been helping Start-ups with their Marketing since our establishment in 2016.
    • We are just launching these services packaged to make life easier at a crucial time and to share what we have learned.
    • Please read about what we are offering and share any suggestions.
  • Company rejuvenation
    • Times are always difficult for small companies. At the moment many are reviewing their future. It may be a case of finding some additional customers. We could help you review your sales and marketing process.
  • Full-cycle Product Management – We can manage a product throughout its lifecycle or any part of it
    • From the cradle-to-the grave
    • Inception
    • Business-case
    • Value Proposition Design (see above to download a worksheet)
    • Prioritisation
    • Development
    • Launch
    • Product marketing and promotion
    • Monitoring commercial performance
    • Working with e.g. sales, engineering, supply-chain, training and other marketing groups.
  • Product marketing and Marketing Communications, eg:
    • Marketing planning
    • Messaging
    • Sales presentations (Overview and technical)
    • Brochures
    • White papers
    • Customer engagement