We offer:

  • Business Plan – planning a new business
    • If company is new or being planned, you’ll need to work out every aspect of how it will be. Investors and lenders will want to see the plan before they offer any funding.
  • Business case – planning a new product
    • How much product will you sell each year?
    • At what price?
    • What are the costs?
    • Will is break-even? When? Make a profit?
    • How much do you need to invest in tooling, development, training and marketing
  • Marketing Plan –
    • Who are the customers?
    • How will they find out about the product?
    • Why will they buy it? Will it solve a problem? Make their life better.
    • Will the buy more if the product is promoted?
  • Full-cycle Product Management:
    • We can manage a product throughout its lifecycle or any part of it
      • From the cradle-to-the grave
      • Inception
      • Business-case
      • Prioritisation
      • Development
      • Launch
      • Product marketing and promotion
      • Monitoring commercial performance
      • Working with e.g. sales, engineering, supply-chain, training and other marketing groups.

Then we can implement the Marketing Plan. Remember there is more to marketing than promotion. We can do (or arrange) as much or as little as you’d like us to.