Interim, Contracting and Consulting.

Interim, Contracting and Consulting have much in common. In essence, all three are an arrangement where a person’s timed expertise are sold to a client. The formula is simple: revenue = rate x time contracted. By definition this is not scalable. There is a limited number of resources (typically one person, whether interim manager, contractor or consultant), a limited amount of time (52 x 5 = 260 days a year). The only thing that can vary is is the rate.

Differences beween Interim, Contracting and Consulting and Employment.

As far the client is concerned there is little difference. The client is buying a the contractor’s time and expertise. But it is simpler for him:

  • Recruitment. In many cases companies have a rigorous process for recruiting staff.
  • Taxes
  • Holiday
  • Benefits
  • Notice
  • Employment law

Differences between Interim, Contracting and Consulting and a scope.

In a word: dedication. The client (for good and bad) is contracting for the whole working week. The contractor cannot choose to do something else, but it is the client’s role to keep him busy. There are some differences between the three; please read on.


An interim manager is contracted either if the permanent manager is not available e.g. because of sickness, redeployment or resignation or the role is temporary. Typically the Interim Manager will fill a senior role. His scope will be defined, but he will not be supervised day-to-day. He needs to be a self-starter and to “hit the ground running”.


This is the simplest case. The client needs more resource in a team. The contractor provides that. The client provides leadership and management: it is his job to find useful work for the contractor and put him to work. The contractor has the skills to perform the job, just as any other team member, but employment is simplified.


Consulting may fall into this category or may be contracted to provide a service by scope, in which case he will not be selling his time. More often it is a hybrid. The client knows he must achieve something in particular but the consultant invoices for his time.

Please about the services we can offer, either on this basis or by scope of work.

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