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Finding new leads drives your business. Wouldn’t you rather concentrate on delivering on your service? Doing what you have passion for?

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B2Bgig is a new service. It connects service providers and service users. Whatever the price of your service, B2Bgig is cost-effective. It is easy to list and allows users to find providers, Sometimes it is nicer to buy than be sold to….

Beep2B is a commercial-grade lead generation philosophy: a solution. While it is good for professional lead -generators managing other people’s campaigns (maximising ROI), it will also suit teams and individuals.  Whether you do it manually or get someone else to help, it generates leads using LinkedIn. You can book a one-one appointment by clicking here..

Perhaps you would rather look at traditional methods of getting your word out. Perhaps you cannot decide which way to go. We could have a conversation and look at your needs.

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Interested in low-cost (or high ROI) lead generation for your business?


A business can often save money by finding someone else to perform a service for them. They no longer have to maintain that capability and can get on with core activities. The service provider is a specialist, expert in that field.