GlocalMe Devices and CloudSIM data

GlocalMe makes data roaming cost-effective for travellers.

The devices are personal hotspots that use local tariffs rather than roaming ones. 

Data Roaming

Roaming is a problem for travelling data users

Nowadays most of us rely on data roaming. Without a good data-connection you can’t use Apps, Email or the Internet. You can’t find your way, can’t read your emails, check your bank balance. In fact, you can’t use any of benefits of a smart phone.

When you travel, you risk getting high data roaming bills. You may not know how much data you use. What is likely is that the price for the data abroad is bigger than at home. Will the data you use come out of your contracted allowance? Probably not. And you are likely to use more mobile data when you travel. Think of all the time you send waiting for connections.

Whatever happens, the chances are the data will be more expensive when you’re travelling than when you’re at home. If you’re travelling with work, your employer may pay, but do you think the company is happy with paying through the nose? Wouldn’t they rather spend the money on something else?

If the bill is unaffordable, you may decide to turn off data roaming. Better safe than sorry, right? The trouble is you will lose contact with home, your friends, work and the world.




Not Just for travellers

Although the obvious challenges are when roaming, a good data solution is needed when at home. After all, whether we travel 2 weeks or 40 weeks a year, the rest of the time we are at home. It would be good if a personal hotspot was useful at home too.  a 52-week a year solution is needed. Let’s look at the requirements:

Basic Hotspot function with wide area access

There are times when we want to use broadband on the move, perhaps to provide connectivity to a tablet or PC which might not have access to a public mobile broadband network.

The best coverage

However good any a given network is it may have “Not-spots”, places where coverage is limited to 2G or there is no signal at all. It would be useful to be able to have service on whichever network provides a good signal.

Backup to fixed-line broadband

Many businesses or individuals have a fixed connection to the Internet which is not resilient. If the ISP’s network fails, there is a cable fault or if there is modem/router/access point failure, they are dead in the water. A good hotspot access point would provide Internet access even if the primary connection failed.

Competitively-priced data

All this makes most sense when the data is inexpensive enough to use without worrying about the cost.

GlocalMe Devices

GlocalMe devices are not just personal Wi-Fi Hot spots.They use the public mobile broadband network to provide data to any 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

What is different is their unique CloudSIM roaming technology, which provides the best 2G/3G/4G in 100+ countries.

Data is charged at the same tariffs as local contracts at home and when roaming.



Roaming in the European Economic Area.

Since 15th June 2017, the EU has decreed that subscribers should “roam as at home”. In effect this ends roaming within Europe.


Does the EU directive make the GlocalMe less desirable?


Yes and No.

  • The directive affects EEA subscribers travelling to other EEA territories
  • It does not affect EEA subscribers travelling outside the EEA area or non-EEA subscribers travelling into the EEA
  • Also, the GlocalMe U2 operates within the EEA better than any personal hotspot tied to a contract because it will still find the best coverage and the best price in a visited country. The coverage on visited region on a network may be inferior to the one selected by the CloudSIM. The data may also be cheaper than contracted on the subscriber’s home network
  • Even if used in the home country it will find the best network at any location
  • With GlocalMe, you will not have hotspot function barred
  • With GlocalMe, you will not be given 2nd Class service when roaming. If a 4G signal is available you won’t be steered to slower 2G one
  • If the subscriber thinks he might travel outside the EEA, the inexpensive data roaming feature is available, even if he never uses it.


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