Marketing for mature companies: Sale or Rejuvenation?

Times are challenging for small companies. Times are always challenging for small companies. But at the moment, there are lots of companies considering their futures. Remember that an existing company has customers, expertise, stock and possibly a passion for what it does. Before cashing all that in, is it be worth considering the way you deliver your product or service and how you find business?

If you could ask me one question about more customers, what would it be?

Free Marketing Resources

No one knows the company like you do, but you may not have money to spend on marketing. While this is not an ideal position. to be in, it is surprising what resources are available free of charge for those prepared to do the work themselves.

Company Rejuvenation

Your company already exists. It already has customers, a product and expertise. It may already have a website. However is there enough business? There are certain easy and inexpensive things that can to be done to increase revenue. The plan is that this will create enough new business to pay for lucrative marketing moving forward. We are not suggesting you spend money you do not have, rather that we want to share in your success. Rejuvenation is a journey leading to prosperous future.

High Return on Investment Marketing

Imagine you spend $1 on Marketing and get $1.50 back as profit as a result. Why would you limit the money you spend on marketing? Perhaps you don’t have the the initial money to spend. That is the purpose of the the offerings mentioned earlier. Once you have enough revenue, we would like to help you go to the next level.