We launched B2Bgig on 1 May. Please go to www.B2Bgig.com and have a look around the site.

It has always been possible to find business if enough money is spent.

For the consumer market, demand generation has been well-served by advertising. Typically, FMCG products are advertised on bill-boards, in print spreads, on radio and TV. In recent times, Facebook and google serve this market too.

In the B2B world, sales and marketing spending is focussed differently. Money is spent on salaries and expenses associated with Sales and Marketing expertise. After all, for specialised, high-value products and services, marketing costs are  high and the vendor probably knows who his customers are. Advertising is largely limited to specialist magazines and forums. In recent times, this has been enhanced by the introduction of LinkedIn and other focussed social media platforms.

But what about getting the word out if you are a freelancer? After all that is the way the world is heading. Much recent employment is in this sector. But how does a Gig worker get the word out? Who is to know what he can do? Or even he is there? It is not reasonable to expect a freelancer or small company to pay the high prices associated with conventional media.

What B2Bgig offers.

  • B2Bgig is affordable. It will not take it a large proportional of the price of the service.
  • B2Bgig is easy to use. Gig workers and service providers would much prefer to be providing services than doing marketing. (perhaps that is generalisation. Sorry)
  • Anyone would rather buy than be sold to.

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