Our Approach

  • With our approach, Planning is key. That’s where Product Management comes in. Large companies have lots of Product Managers and lots of Marketers. For them, this is not a luxury, it is good business.
    • First they identify a gap in the market and work out the size of the market.
    • Only then, do they seek a solution.
    • But what if you have a solution already?
    • But is it worth pursuing?
    • How much should be invested?
    • How much product do you need to supply?
    • If you’re looking for funding, investors will need you to have a business plan or business case.
  • What about selling your product?
    • Who are customers?
    • They will not buy it – however good it is, if they don’t know about it.
    • The next step is a marketing plan


Let’s talk about the basis on which I can help.

  • On a scope of work. If we can define what needs doing, I can give you a quote. I can invoice once the work is complete, some time afterwards, on a milestone – e.g. if I help you get funding, I can be paid once you have the money.
  • On a interim. I can fill in if a key person is away, or can address a particular project over a period of time.
  • As a contractor. I can provide professional services for period of time at a daily rate.
  • Retained. Often a particular role does not justify a manager on the payroll permanently. In this case I can do what’s needed only as it is needed. I could invoice for the time worked, or we could agree what is involved and charge for that.
  • As an employee