Aperio Signals

The  Problem


Most of us rely on radio communications. Mobile telecoms has become a huge global business. Many aspects are well understood. There are clear approaches to finding and rectifying problems related to these.

However, all radio systems rely on the physical layer, This is the part that sends and receives the signal over the air. Where electronics meet “the ether”.

Physical Layer problems create a bottleneck because they cannot be visualized. Their resolution relies on the skills and intuition of a few experts and largely it depends on trial and error. And there is no certainty of outcome. Such problems are always expensive to solve, and often decide the ultimate fate of modem projects.



The Opportunity

The development of a multimode chipset, used in every smartphone and base station, costs approximately two hundred million dollars. Many big company’s developments have failed with insoluble physical layer issues. These problems jeopardize the whole investment. It cannot be predicted how long it would take to solve one of these problems, and the delays can cost $10s million. 

In 2015, the chipset market was > $40 billion, and that is growing.

The Solution

Aperio Signals solution allows an engineer to visualize the problem and help a chipset manufacturer to solve a problem in a design quickly and reliably. At a basic level. 

Aperio signals will offer several products:

  • A platform, the SCSA – hardware and software – to help an engineer to “see” what is happening on the physical layer.
  • A service – using the platform, cloud-based software and an engineer’s expertise to interpret what is happening the physical layer.
  • Physical layer consultancy: help with design and diagnosis when it’s needed.
  • Membership – available to owners of platform. Consultancy and Interpretation when the customer needs it.
  • Insurance – expertise if it is needed


What did Marketing for Entrepreneurs do?

  • Drafted Business plan
  • Valued market
  • Forecast revenues
  • Valued enterprise
  • Help identify product offerings
  • Drafted the investor pitch
  • Helped deliver the investor pitch